suhsi Sushi... chilly and chocolate.
both addictive, both best when enjoyed to the extreme. both able, like any drug, to make you really sick when overdone.

other than may, sushi doesn't consider her moods, but jumps right into them, immediately forgetting about the day before or the morning after. she's fearless, and due to her strong guts, able to cope with it. she doesn't care - except for may. she will reason with her or calm her down, if may loses it.

sushi used to be a sidekick for may, but established her position in the past two years. she's a night person: she likes parties, being drunk, being drugged; but she also has an eye for the little delights in everyday life. a friend of mine once said about wasabi (a japanese horseradish served with sushi):
"it's a kind of sharpness that seems to put tiny red flags on all your taste-buttons, instead of burning them down instantly."

this might as well have been a description of sushi.

Mae Mae...

may is vanilla and cinnamon.
both are pleasant of taste, but when overdosed develop their individuality: while cinnamon will bite your tongue, vanilla will bitter you, ruining every crumble of a cookie.

her character is a constant hopping game between those two. being female, fragile and feline both prides and scares the shit out of her. she often indulges in long walks and is able to draw either all the bright or all the black out of a certain season, weather, or even moment - which sometimes will turn her days into a hot-cold-hot shower.

she's, first of all, caring: she keeps off other people's feet, avoids influence. second, she's passionate: whatever she does, she does and experiences it to the full.

she's been with me for 4 years now. i've drawn comics and strips before, but for some reason she's the only character pushing herself through to the present.

anna ... and me!

i'm a provider. i've been such for 22 years.
the pics, sketches, drawings i do, develop themselves inside me, and i'm training myself to give them the shape they demand. the situations i try to transport spring from literature, things happening around me in berlin and the places i travel to, as much as they do from my inside.

i use music and poetry to support them with essential lines summing up a whole construction of interfering forces; due to this, you sometimes will find quotes from songs beneath my drawings. if you'd like to get a closer relation to them or understand them some more, listen to those songs.

i've always used art to express my thoughts. up to now, it seems i've found the most adequate way to do so in SUSHI and MAY. but i'm looking forward to learn on...

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