Welcome to Belushi's software site!

Here you can download some useful freeware tools and utilities created by myself ;-)

Be warned:

This software is 16 Bit only; made at a time in between Windows 98 and Windows XP.
There is no warranty that it will run or even install on any later version of Windows!



A graphical system administration tool and basic program launcher

Taglines! Taglines!

The free version of the e-mail signature tool Taglines! Pro.
No database and templates, yet fun anyhow!


A frontend to easy extract data from common packers like Zip, Rar, Arj and Lha
Requires the DOS/console versions of these programs!


An intelligent image robot for batch processing graphic files; can also create thumbnails and HTML indexes.
Based on Pierre Gougelet's free Nconvert.


Makes JavaScript out of HTML-snippets to make your code re-usable


Creates a basic HTMLhelp project straight from your data directory.
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